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Give it your best shot!

We know what's amazingly good for you when you're low on energy! 5-hour ENERGY® is the dietary supplement of choice for our fans from all over! Come discover for yourself!

Each bottle of 5-hour ENERGY® shot contains:

5-hour ENERGY® is rich in B-vitamins and scientific studies have proven that B-vitamins are essential to reduce anxiety, keep you focus and stay more alert. Vitamin B3 reduces lethargy, Vitamin B6 maintains concentration level while Vitamin B12 helps to improve your memory.

Being sugar free, you enjoy better focus along with hours of energy. With Zero Sugar, there is no energy slump or what is commonly known as “sugar crash”. This condition normally occurs when there is a huge sugar intake, leading to a rise in blood glucose level. Once blood sugar plummets down to below its normal level, fatigue and negative emotions may set in.
Only 4 Calories
Natural Caffeine from Tea
Amino Acids: Tyrosine, Phenylalanine